Internship Opportunity

This internship will provide a unique chance to use communications skills in a large church setting. In this case, the intern would serve directly with Watermark’s External Focus team, helping move people toward local and overseas service, but the internship will provide a great foundation for any future communications roles. We definitely want to give you a great chance to use your skills in a very practical way.

The internship will involve communicating through a variety of venues – including brochures, web sites, blog posting, and targeted emails – under the guidance of the External Focus team. This person will both create new content and edit / place content others have created. There will also be opportunity for the intern to help in creative and planning processes to discover the best ways to mobilize our body.

Required: This person must have obvious writing ability and writing experience (formal or informal). Their technical writing skills (grammar, etc.) must be strong. They will be great written communicators, both when brevity is required and when inspiration is important. (You will be asked to submit writing samples!)

This person should be a faithful believer and willing to love Watermark’s people well through the venue of communications (whether or not you attend Watermark). They should be very teachable but also willing to join in the creative process – we want a fellow mobilizer, not just a copy-editor!

Additional skills are preferred but not required: basic web site design, basic blogging skill, graphic design, and or event planning.

If this person does not attend Watermark, it will be important for them to spend a good amount of time getting to know the church, the audience, and its unique aspects – preferably before the internship starts.

Contact Benson Hines at for more information or to apply! Thank you!