Training / Leading Groups


Minister to inmates at Lew Sterrett Country Jail. In conjunction with HOPE Literacy, RESTART 133 is a biblically based life skills program that offers a weekly foundational faith class and bi-monthly health, nutrition, and exercise classes.

Contact: Tara Kirk ·


Build meaningful relationships and encourage positive life change at a ministry that impacts over 1300 households in West Dallas. Brother Bill’s offers a large food pantry, training classes (including ESL, job training, and healthy living), Bible studies, children’s programs, and a clinic.

Contact: Cynthia Gammill •


Build relationships with elementary school students and their parents in West Dallas. Readers 2 Leaders seeks to help all children in West Dallas read at or above grade level. Volunteers can engage in reading intervention and tutoring with elementary students, maintaining a lending library, homework help after school, and training parents to help improve their children’s literacy levels.

Contact: Stephanie Schweinfurth •


Cornerstone Crossroads is a small faith-based high school in South Dallas that provides transforming education for urban youth, empowering them to impact their present and future communities for Christ. Volunteers can tutor, mentor, provide lunch, or work on a special project.

Contact: Kristi Lichtenberg •


Share the love of God with a small group of inner-city and refugee kids in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood of Northeast Dallas. Lead a group or simply “sit in” as we share a Bible study and do crafts with the kids.

Contact: Charla Dixon •


Join a team devoted to loving and serving within the Cornerstone Heights community, in partnership with an inner-city church. Volunteer opportunities include serving lunch, helping in the clothing closet, providing a women’s Bible study, and connecting with kids after school.

Contact: Billy Washington •


Watermark Justice offers lawyers, legal professionals and others with a passion for justice the chance to promote biblical justice locally and internationally. Participants can take part in justice and discipleship initiatives locally or abroad, attend meetings about the fight for justice, and connect with Watermark Justice’s ministry partners:

  • Advocates for Community Transformation (ACT) empowers citizens of West Dallas, through legal advocacy, to combat drugs, prostitution, and crime-ridden properties in their neighborhoods. ACT gives both legal professionals and many others the chance to help transform a community through connecting with residents and participating in events.
  • ALARM (African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministry) seeks to develop leaders, reconcile relationships, and transform communities in Africa. ALARM and Watermark Justice regularly host biblically-based leadership conferences for African legal professionals in Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.
  • International Justice Mission is an international human rights agency that brings rescue to victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression. Our work with IJM has included developing training curriculum for pastors and African legal professionals, speaking at local events for IJM, and organizing local lawyers for IJM events.

Contact: Russ Brown •


Through our relationship with E3 Partners, Watermark members help plant churches, build relationships, and share the gospel directly in and around the city of Asela, Ethiopia. These short-term trips focus heavily on direct evangelism opportunities, and Watermark members have seen hundreds of individuals make decisions for Christ in the last few years.

Contact: Tim Coblentz •


ALARM is an African-based ministry that trains African pastors, community leaders, women leaders, and lawyers in biblical conflict resolution, servant leadership, biblical justice, trauma healing, parenting, and caring for widows and orphans. ALARM serves in eight Central African nations, and Watermark members have served alongside them in Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, and Uganda.

Watermark’s discipleship trips to Africa with ALARM are strategic leadership development opportunities. Team members are Watermark members in a healthy community group who have been serving and leading within internal ministries or with a local partner.

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