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Global Map - smallerWe believe that every day is a short-term mission opportunity, whether here in Dallas or overseas. Internationally we partner with trusted, indigenous ministries to impact people and communities in an ongoing way. Equally important to our mission is impacting the lives of our church body through discipleship of those involved in our international efforts.

Below, you’ll find ways you can touch lives hundreds or thousands of miles away. And for a great visual of what we’re involved in internationally, see the Global Map.


Mission of Hope Haiti is a ministry that serves a region of Haiti north of Port-au-Prince through a school, an orphanage, food distribution, and local construction that builds homes for families. MOH also provides medical care to the region, including providing prosthetic limbs to those who need them.

Watermark’s Haiti trips are a powerful way for individuals or groups to make an impact and be impacted. About a dozen trips are planned already for 2013. Individuals are encouraged to apply, but Haiti trips are also excellent for groups; recent trips have included Youth, Families, College Students, Young Adults, Medical Professionals, and re:generation participants.

For more on Haiti discipleship trips and an application, visit


Through our relationship with E3 Partners, Watermark members help plant churches, build relationships, and share the gospel directly in and around the city of Asela, Ethiopia. These short-term trips focus heavily on direct evangelism opportunities, and Watermark members have seen hundreds of individuals make decisions for Christ in the last few years.

Contact: Tim Coblentz •


We believe life is a long-term mission, and every day is a short-term mission trip opportunity. There are a number of individuals, however, who call Watermark “home” but live in an international location. These international “missionaries” from Watermark are serving vocationally on long-term assignments with ministries throughout the world.

For information on how you can encourage, pray for, and support these individual serving overseas, see the list of individuals here. Or, email the external focus team.


Watermark partners with ALARM to support over 700 orphans and other at-risk children in Uganda. We pay school fees for all children in the ALARM program. Most of the children have lost parents and are living with relatives or in a child-headed home; others are living with a parent who is HIV-positive and unable able to care for their children. The ALARM orphan program connects each child to a local church and an individual mentor and provides discipleship, counseling and trauma healing, purity training, hygiene training, conflict resolution venues through Peace Clubs, and other resources and mentorship as needed.

Members of Watermark can directly sponsor a child in this program! Please visit to see the kids and consider sponsoring one.


Watermark is connected to ministry organizations worldwide through the direct relationships of our members. Many individuals are deploying their time, talents, and treasures in a variety of ways to serve these specific ministries both in the US and overseas. All of these relationships are initiated by Watermark individuals who feel led by the Lord to support and partner with ministries that are outside of Watermark’s core partnerships or geographic focus areas.

For information on the ministries listed on the Global Map, we encourage you simply to search the internet by ministry name. Or you can email the external focus team for contact information.


ALARM is an African-based ministry that trains African pastors, community leaders, women leaders, and lawyers in biblical conflict resolution, servant leadership, biblical justice, trauma healing, parenting, and caring for widows and orphans. ALARM serves in eight Central African nations, and Watermark members have served alongside them in Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, and Uganda.

Watermark’s discipleship trips to Africa with ALARM are strategic leadership development opportunities. Team members are Watermark members in a healthy community group who have been serving and leading within internal ministries or with a local partner.

For more on Watermark’s efforts in Africa, visit